Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just got humbled by one of my track kids. Up until last night I was able to take him in the 400m. He stuck it too me good! We did repeats and he beat me on every one! Normally I can tire them out and easily beat them by the 4th or 5th repeat. Not so anymore. Wondering if I am getting slower, or he is getting faster! I hope it is the later.

Also, I am now sore from that workout. I haven't run that fast in a long time. I can run forever, but not fast apparently.

Oh well, maybe in a few weeks I can regain some of my speed. It would be great to get a bit faster for the sprint tri's in June and Victoria's du in May.


john said...

It's the passing of the torch Syd, a moment of a little sadness and a moment of great pride. I did the hand off about 3 years ago-- man, that kid is fast.
Sometimes I'll train a little harder and sometimes he'll slow down a bit(ok,alot) and for a time, we'll meet up somewhere in the middle.
Circle of life, man. Enjoy

Fenridal said...

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Libor said...

I too am seeing it with mine. I am officially the "old and fat" as he says. But then again, that is coming from a 13yr old! I can still beat them for endurance though - well, for a while :-) And that my friend is more important.

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