Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting into the swing of things!!

Spring is finally here! Can't wait to take the bike off of the trainer.

Training is going OK, not quite where I want to be, but close and that is OK this time of year. Track has started so the kids will be keeping me honest and forcing me to do a bit of speed work, which I desperately need. I can run forever right now, just not that fast!!!

I will probably be heading to the Uxbridge 1/2 Marry looking to demolish the 4 year old 1:34 PB. Shouldn't be a problem. Would love to see a low1:20. It will be a game day decision on how hard I push. If I am feeling rested and strong I will give'er, but if I am a bit sluggish I will hold a steady tempo. Don't want to push the body too hard this early in the year.

Did a 19.5km run the other day in 1:34 which is pretty good. I might have pushed a bit hard, as the quads were complaining a bit the next day, but it felt good. Also did a 10km hard tempo down the path to the lake, and pulled that off in 42min.

The big question is the bike. I will need to put some hard miles in if I want to do well in Muskoka. Can't wait to race!!

It looks like I might do Victoria's duathlon. Every year I say I won't (cause du's hurt!!!) and every year at this time I am itching to race and do it anyways!!

Starting to build up the mileage in the pool Every session is over 3000 now, and I will be doing long sessions of 4-5km.

Looking forward to warmer weather!!! Spring spring spring!!!

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