Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thanks Again!!

Despite hundreds of votes for me (which for each I am eternally gratefull!!!) I was outdone by some great triathletes. Thank you for all of your support through this. It has been great hearing from everyone, and I look forward seeing everyone soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making the Team, 2008 ( EVO TRI)

There are four things that are important in my life. My wife, my dogs, my students and triathlon.

I take great pride in all of these. Each for their own reasons.

My wife is the source of my strength. Through her spirit, beauty and personality, I get a lot of what makes life worth living.

My dogs are nuts!! But I still love them!

My students make everyday an adventure. Their open eyed approach to life and innocence make me realize why I do what I do.

Lastly, endurance sport has been part of my life for years, and my identity as a person is closely related to being an athlete. Triathlon represents what many people are missing in their lives. Balance, drive, ambition and camaraderie.

Completing my first Ironman last year was a monumental experience. I remember running the last few km and reflecting why this moment was so important to me. Was it crossing the finish line? Was it the pride that I saw from my parents and friends? I realized that it was these things and more. I think the biggest thing was the journey. Never before in my life had I committed so fully to something. Something that at some point I thought was impossible. Completing Ironman meant that nothing was impossible.

If I put my mind to it, I could achieve anything. I have noticed myself applying this to my life more frequently. Many things that I might have otherwise not even attempted, I am trying. Like team EVOTRI. In the past I would have quit once my video was voted off (Hell, I would never have made the video in the first place!).

I want to share what I have learned with other people and, more importantly, with kids. I see the potential kids have to do great things. All they need is someone to believe in them and give them some structure and direction.

I started a triathlon forum last year ( as a way to connect with other athletes in Canada. Initially it was more of a hobby, but that has led me into other areas. From this I started a triathlon team. The team is a way for me to share all of the knowledge I have gained training and perfect my coaching abilities.

However, I think that my skills are probably best applied with kids. I love working with them and the impact that I can have on them.

I have also recently organized spinathon for ALS (BLAZEMAN foundation) in Toronto.

If I am selected for Team EvoTri, I have a few ideas of what I can do for the team. (I am saving these for the interview if I get selected). I want to be part of the team really badly, and I know that I have a ton to offer if given the chance!

Thanks for reading. Here is a video I put together after doing IM FLA last year. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! If you think I should be the next fully-sponsored member of Team Evotri, please write down the URL of this web site and have it ready for voting when you click the EVOTE button below. Thank you!