Monday, May 3, 2010

What's going on.

Real bad at updating recently. Just busy, and lazy. Training is going OK. Doing the WIN marathon in Whitby in a few weeks. My body has really decided that it doesn't like running. Lots of niggly pains all the time. Funnily, I am feeling great on the long ones, but not to good on anything less than 10km. Guess I just need to run more!

Ryan and I are going to run the Marathon together. More of a training run for Placid than anything. So that is good. We will hopefully pace ourselves so that we don't do much damage.

Loving the cycling right now. Teaching in Port Perry is fantastic. I am able to ride my bike in 3 days a week (when I am not swimming!:>). Usually do 17km on the way into work, and closer to 30km on the way home. I love being able to commute again. Also, I am teaching strength training in the morning and am able to get some good circuits in which has raised my general fitness alot.

Preparations for the baby are pretty much done. Now it is just a waiting game. Excited to see the little rascal. We have the chariot so that I will be able to train. Kinda looking forward to it. I have set a goal of running the chilly 1/2 in sub 1:40 pushing the kid.

This spring has gone in a flash. Can't believe it is may! It will be July before I know it. Between track meets and outdoor ed trips I will be missing huge amount of time at work, and having the races starting in May will also make it seem impossibly quick. Will have a kid and be doing another Ironman before I know it!

So that is me. I hope to be better at updating, but who knows!