Sunday, January 28, 2007


Of all the sports in all the world why have I chosen to become addicted to this one? It is an interesting process going back through the years and seeing the steps which have lead me to the here and now. Mainly being ridiculously obsessed with this sport and the culture surrounding it.

Now, I'm no newbie to endurance sport. I've done the MTB racing thing, the adventure racing thing, and the running thing, but I have never been so involved with a sport such as I am with triathlon.

Is it because I'm kinda good at it? Is it because of all the cool gear? Am I getting older and have more of an attention span for this stuff?

I'm not one hundred percent sure.

Granted, I'm now in a relatively secure spot in life. Good job, a house, a wife, a dog, a vehicle (or two) that I actually own. Maybe this has allowed me to focus on a single sport as much as I am now.

I am starting to believe though, that the culture of triathlon has an addictive quality to it. There is the obvious addiction to training. Nothing better than a post hard workout buzz. However, there is something else there which I haven't experienced in any other sport. An inclusiveness.

From the first race I ever completed to the last one of the season. I allways felt like I belonged at the race. There was never an air of "look at that guy. He is actually bringing a mountain bike into the transition area!" Which can occur in some sports. Rather than that I was actually asked questions and given advice. I was welcomed. Everyone of us triathletes has had a similar experience entering the sport. Whether by a friend or a stranger, someone made us feel welcomed. I know as a result of this I try and do the same. I try not to take myself too seriously in transition, and I try to make those who are obviously new to the sport feel welcome. All because some stranger did the same for me. I think as triathletes we pride ourselves on this fact.

One other very cool thing about triathlon is that you can line up beside your idols at any given race, and compare your result against theirs. How many sports can you do that in?

A final thing that I think has hooked me on triathlon. There is a race for everyone. There is a distance for everyone. There is never a point when this sport is going to get easy! There is allways another challenge that is slightly different than anything else you have done! For me, this is important. I need that push to do something longer and harder. I guess that is why I will be lining up at the IM Florida starting line in November. To prove to myself that I can do something as challenging and tough as an Ironman.

It will be interesting, and I can't wait to get the Tattoo!


Who I am!

Well, I guess I should start things off with a basic intro to who I am.

I'm a front of the pack Age grouper looking to become a little more competitive in the overall ranks this season. As a teacher I have enough time to make this a reality without sacrificing a life or a marriage (thanks to my patient and beutiful wife!)

I race mainly in the Subaru series in Ontario, and have the goal of winning my AG this year, as well as completing my first IM in Panama City Beach. Should be an interesting year. I would also like to qualify for ITU long course worlds next year.

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Until Later