Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Hundred and Eighty!

So for the first time ever I have managed to ride 180km! It was a pretty miserable day. Rain, 3o+kph winds, cold. However I still felt pretty good and was able to pull it off strong.

Ended up doing 183km in 6hrs. 180 in 5:56.00. Which is awesome for a training ride. Averaged a little over 30kph. Considering the wind this is a great pace for me.

All in all this ride was a major deposit in the confidence bank. It means that I should be able to do a 5:30ish ride in IM which would be very good time for me.

Unfortunately the wind and cold took it out of me so I decided not to do my run after. I think this was a good idea as I was getting cold and I don't want to risk getting sick at this point.

Very happy, Very tired!

Now I get to nap and pick Jenn up at the airport at 11pm? (there is an 11pm now?) Wow I'm getting old!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Done Racing 'till Ironman

So I have cut the regular season a little short. I think Orillia will be the last race for me. I passed on Guelph to do a long brick. (and honestly I couldn't face the long drive)

With school starting it will be next to impossible to do the training I want and race. It is actually a bit of relief. I think I am pretty secure in my second place in the subaru series so I shouldn't need the points.

If I went to Guelph I may have been able to clinch the overall, but I think my priorities lie more with Ironman. I know that I was the best overall triathlete in my AG and would have won if I had done all of the races. So that is a little consolation atleast!

I think this will be the last year doing that many races. Next year I will focus on having a good showing at worlds. I would love to go sub 2:10 in Vancouver.

I will do a few races at the beginning of our season here. Milton, Guelph, Muskoka, Peterborough (if they don't clash with worlds.) Once we hit NZ I will reassess based on their season. I will definetely do either IMNZ or Challenge Queenstown. Probably IM to try and get a spot in Hawaii.

So for the rest of the time coming up I will be going long. I did a 160km bike 13km run on the weekend. I will be building up over the next month to 180km and 21km. Next weekend is hopefully the first 180km bike. I am not to concerned about that as I am feeling really good at the 160km distance. It will be a great mental boost to get to the distance. That is the most intimidateing number in IM. Just because you are on the bike for sooooo long. I have currently been able to average around 30kph so that is good. That means that a 5:30 bike in IM is not unrealistic.

I am a little concerned about my rear race wheel. It is a little sketchy and I don't know if I trust it over those distances. I think I might try and find one similar to my front or maybe a Renn disc. We will see if finances allow this. Other than that everything is great.

I will be into running free to get some new shoes and bike shorts as with the distance mine are getting worn out! New gear is fun!