Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where I am at.

Well, for the few of you that pass by here I guess I have been neglecting this.

Things are good. One week out from IMFLA, I feel a little underprepared this year. Training has been ok, but not nearly where I was hoping to be at. The inspiration to train hard has just not been there.

I have revised my goals for this year. I would be very happy with a repeat of last year. Realistically I think 10:30 is more reasonable, but we will see. I think the running is a little stronger, but I just haven't done the bike miles that I did last year. I was usually only getting in my long ride and maybe a short one during the week. Just no time.

This is why I know for sure I am not signing up for IMFLA.

Jenn and I are thinking of doing the trans rockies MTB race next. I also hope to do my first marathon and some enduro mtb races. If things are going well at the end of the summer I will think about doing the Canadian, but on a much more relaxed training schedule.

I will definetely still do a bunch of early season tri's. Milton, Peterborough, Muskoka Long are all in for sure.

So that is me for now. Just sent the bike and gear off with my parents as they drive down. Jenn and I fly out on Tues. 28th.

Got another decent bib number this year #380. I've been told that it is very lucky in China? So I will take that.

I will update when I get back.