Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blown week 4 weeks out!

Well, managed to catch a cold this week. Blew all of the training planned for this week out of the water. It hit me Sunday after my long brick on Saturday. I had a great 182km bike followed by a very strong run.

5:41 for the bike 1:39 for the run. Avg of just under 32kph and held my 5min. IM pace in the run. So I was very stoked about it. Woke up Sunday feeling like crap.

I kinda knew that I would be getting sick as a lot of the kids at school are sick so. . . .

Well, it really laid me out. I didn't do any training until Wednesday when I had a short run. I swam and had a practice with the XC kids on Friday. I was supposed to be riding long today (saturday) but the forcast was for rain. I am going to try and run long, but I still feel kinda crappy. I hope I can get the 200km ride in on Monday.

I am taking wednesday off because we are having the furnace cleaned so I need to be here. That will give me the rest of the day to go long.

Next weekend I will be doing 160km hard followed by 16km at IM pace. Then down to 100km hard and 16km at IM pace the next weekend.

It kinda sucks with the cold as I was really getting into some good form. Right now I am in damage control mode. I don't think I will be able to extend my fitness too much more before IM, but hopefully I can maintain where I am at.

The cold is a pain, because your not really recovering properly as your body is fighting the bloody illness.

I guess I am just lucky that it happened now, and not just before Ironman!

Better go take some more Vit. C!

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