Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sable Goggles. The best.

Ok, I don't normally do reviews unless I find a product i really like.

I heard of sable goggles about a year and a half ago. As most of you have probably heard by now the rumblings were good. So I decided to dump the change and get my first really good pair of goggles.

My first pair were the RS101's. When you put them on the first thing that you will notice is that there is absolutely no distortion. They are by far the crispest sighting goggles I have ever tried. Unfortunately my face has always rejected most goggles. These ones fell under that category. I couldn't get them to fit to my face properly.

This brings me to why I REALLY like sable. I got talking to a rep at one of the races and he spent probably 20min. trying to get me fit properly with the existing nose pieces. Still didn't work. However, I was told they were working on making a larger nose piece for people with bridges like mine and he would get it too me. The service has been second to none. He was honestly concerned with getting those goggles to fit my face.

I now have the RS922's as well to train in. They are equally as fantastic when it comes to vision quality. These however fit my face perfectly on the first shot. No fiddling necessary. They are super comfy and don't push too hard on my face as I have found many other goggles do. As well adjusting these is a snap with the new buckle design.

I realize why so many top pro's are in these goggles. They are the best I have seen. After 20+ years of swimming I haven't seen anything comparable. They are worth the extra money. Sighting is a breeze with them.

Oh yeah! The best part. You cannot get them to fog up!! Even if you put your fingers in them (which isn't recomended) You can get the anti fog back with some dish soap. Fantastic!


Outdoor said...

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Great Barrier Reef Swim said...
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Rogue Shark said...

Interesting, I haven't heard of these at all, have to check them out for sure. I am using Zoggs, an Aussie brand of OW goggles and I love them, but always looking for new products, will look into these. Thx.