Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pissed off people.

Made a trip into the big smoke today for a Haiti fundraiser run. Things went great and had a fantastic time with some of my awesome running free peeps, and some of the other runners out for the cause.

After the run (since I came all this way! :>) I figured that I would make a stop at MEC for a bit of perusing. In front of the store (or near the front of the store) there was a (for lack of a better term) hippy. Lecturing on to anyone who would listen about how we are selfish and rich and should share our wealth and success more with the rest of the world. That we don't need all of our possessions and would be happier without.

This got me thinking. I agree with this gentleman that we are a consumeristic society (as I stare at my $4000 bike) and really don't NEED 90% of what we have, however would that really make us happier?

For instance, this young man whom, since he was lecturing me, I assumed didn't own many possessions. He definitely didn't look happy! I am all for activism, but it seems as a majority of the activists are pissed off about something most of the time! Now by my reckoning, this is no way to live. Yes, fight for a cause. But don't let it become all consuming in your life, and don't let it affect how you feel in your own life. Live how you choose to live, and be content with that. Part of what makes this country great is your freedom to do so. If you want to live like a pauper, you are free to do so. If you want to live a luxurious lifestyle your free to do that as well.

I believe it is human nature to want more. This dates back to our ancestors who had little and strove to better their life and the life of their offspring. Now, it has been taken to perverted levels by some in our society, but most just want to live as their neighbours live. I don't think that a rich Canadian, living amongst other rich Canadians is any happier than a lower income Canadians living amongst their peers. Happiness is not related to wealth. It is related to how you view your situation.

If you are happy with who you are and where you are then you will be a happy person. If you continue to strive to reach another level, or bring others down to yours, you will never be happy. If, for whatever reason, you cannot be content with your place in life at any point, then you will never be "happy". You will always be looking for something else to "enrich" your life. This is human nature.

Ok, done ranting. Just look around and take a second to appreciate where you are and what you have. Compared to many in the world we are doing well. Don't piss yourself off for no good reason. Be active, share your views, but don't get frustrated and irate when others don't share your zest for your chosen cause. We all have cause's. Whether it is doing the best for your family, or supporting the poor and homeless in Haiti. Just remember. People are happy everywhere in the world, whether they are rich or not.

Yeah, did a lot of driving with time to think! My 2 cents!


Clint-Murphy said...

Well said.

You definitely don't need that $4,000 bike - you might as well just ship it off to me and see how much happier it will make you, I know it will make me happier ;-)

Along those notes, check out the website video "The Story of Stuff", which is quite eye-opening with regards to Americans / Canadians and most of the 1st world, really, being a consumer society. She is able to present the message in a calm, well described manner as opposed to coming across as a nut-job activist.

Best of luck in your training and racing this year.


Javed said...

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