Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Victoria's Du

Did I mention I hate duathlons?

My opinion of them hasn't changed after yesterday.

It was a cold, windy, rainy day. Really didn't feel like racing. The body was fatigued from the start due to all of the work we have been putting in at the house this weekend. Also, hadn't been training as much as I like.

I believe that I have changed my body into a long course fitness. This short stuff hurts!!!!

Started the run off feeling ok. was shoulder to shoulder with Larry Bradley (an athlete I mentor) and Pat Bielgalski a guy I have been racing with a fair amount over the years. Dropped a few meters back of them by the end of the run.

I didn't have gloves so my fingers were pretty numb in T1. I couldn't get my helmet done up. Lost a few secs there.

The bike was tough. The wind was fierce. The entire way out we had either a head wind or a vicious cross wind. Once again I was neck and neck with Larry throughout the bike. By the turnaround I was pretty spent and started having some GI issues. I am not used to pushing this hard. I let Larry go while I tried to recover. Was feeling OK coming into T2.

The second run was tough. The legs came around after about 500m and I got into a rythym. I tried to push the pace to catch Larry, but at the turnaround I hit the wall. Too much time spent at too high of a heart rate.

I got passed a lot from then on in. Cramped up pretty bad which means my hydration and electrolytes were off coming into the race. Finished a full 8 minutes slower than last year!

Oh well, this was just for fun right?

I know I need to get on the bike a lot more. My swimming is doing really well right now, and I need to switch to a bike focus to try and get it together for Muskoka.

We'll see!

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