Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stressssss and Triathlon.

Do you ever wake up and think that you have too much going on in your life and would love to escape for a while? The last couple of weeks have been feeling like that. Looking for a house, getting our house ready to sell, taking on new challenges at work, coaching the track team and trying to train. Guess what hasn't been making the cut lately.

I haven't been on my bike in a week and a half (excluding Victoria's Du) and previous to that only a few times since the snow left. Cycling has taken the biggest hit becuase of the time required. I think I have screwed up my thinking on the matter. If I don't have time for 90km, I just don't go. Still in the Ironman mode I guess.

It probably isn't the worst thing to take time away from training, unfortunately it is something I want to do, and I feel better having done it. So not training is adding stress. Also stressful are the races I want to do well at early in the season. Muskoka long course is starting to loom large.

I keep saying, next week I will get my long ride in, and then something gets in the way. Running and swimming are doing OK because I can easily fit them into my mornings, or after work.

It is looking as though I won't be able to get any consistent bike training in until the end of June. That is OK for IMFLA, but not for the other races I want to do well at.

I guess it is just a matter of changing my goals. '

Besides time, I am finding myself constantly tired. Not from training, but more just mentally exhausted. The body feels like crap for not doing anything, but the brain is so tired you can't motivate yourself to go.

Hopefully once track is done, I can get back on Track :>

We'll see!

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