Saturday, February 2, 2008


Everything is going well. Training is starting to come around, feeling strong again. I will start going long more in February. I am up to 11/12 hrs a week at the moment. Trying for 14 for Feb. Getting close to having all of the parts to build up Jenn's bike. A few more shiny pieces for my own. Picked up a Carbon Aero QR seatpost for the Tequilo, and am in the market for some Carbon bars as well. I love Carbon!

I might be running an ALS spinathon for the Blazeman foundation. The timeline is a bit tight, but if I can find a venue I might give it a go. 16.5 hrs on the bike! If anyone has a venue (gym) ideally with some extra spin bike let me know!! Looking for March 1st (I know, not much time!)

Had our V02 max/ LT testing done at the Cleveland Clinic in TO last weekend. Very cool experience. Paul and the gang were very nice to us! It is allways great to have someone check out these things for you. Turns out my training zone were off a bit. Nice to know!

Other than that, just keeping, keeping on. Jenn is going to be heading to OZ for work for a few weeks in Feb, so I will be left with the dogs. Should have the devil spawn, I mean, Kaya, a little more settled by then. She is actually getting much better. I just don't like waking up at 5am if I really don't have too!

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Jeff Cubos said...

Hey Syd.

Not sure if you got my message but FITS is more than willing to be the venue!!!