Monday, February 18, 2008

HELP!!! Vote for me!!!!

I am in the final 10 for a spot on Team EvoTri. They have opened it up to voting for the final 7 until Wednesday. So the public will choose who goes on!

We had to submit videos as to why we should be on the team. (mines a bit silly, so watch it!)

If you could go to and check out the videos that would be cool, otherwise you can just shoot off an e-mail with my name in the subject line (they won't open most e-mails)

So send an e-mail to with the words "Vote for Syd Trefiak "in the subject line

If you have multiple e-mails you or people that would help me by voting please forward this to them!!

Thanks a lot guys.
If I make it to the next round I will let you know!!!!


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