Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Long overdue, but as you will see, there hasn't been a ton of Tri stuff to pass on.

Ryan and i are still firmly on the path to Rio, but it has been a bit of a slow road this year as Ryan has spent a lot of time rehabbing a niggling hip injury.  Thanks to the coaching and staff at Triathlon Canada for having the Longview for Ryan and forcing him to rehab instead of racing.

I've personally been working hard at being a stay at home dad and trying to get as much training going in as is feasable.  Feeling good, but know in the coming years I will need to be more focused and be putting in more structured training.

As of now, Ryan and I are heading to London for the itu grand finale in september.  We will then sit down and really focus on making 2014 a big year!

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