Monday, June 18, 2012

Going Fast!

This year has been interesting in that I am trying to retrain my body to go fast over the shorter distances. Welcome the pain back into the workouts!

The biggest hurdle I have found is staying healthy when trying to run fast. It seems like I have been constantly battling lower leg issues (calf and Achilles).

I seem to have figured out the calf thanks partly to my trigger point rollers, but the Achilles are still vexing. Good weeks and bad weeks. A solid warm up is key for me. I need to ease into my workouts or else I can't finish them due to the Achilles. I have also learned to stop as soon as I feel a tweak. "co e back to fight another day!". I used to fight through but then hobble for a week.

The bike has been fun. I have a new TT route (5km loops) which has gotten me pushing harder than ever on the bike. My cycling is improving fastest which is good. This will set me up to run strong.

Our goal this year is to run sub 20min of the bike for a 5km. I hope in Edmonton to get close, but we shall see. If we go to worlds in Auckland it will be necessary to get a good result.

So just a post about nothing in particular. Kinda keeping me honest and posting goals to look back at.

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