Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the Gym

So I have been hitting the gym regularly lately.  The benefits of teaching a fitness for life class.  I get to workout out with the kids, actually am encouraged to.  

So I have structured myself a little triathlon weights program.  I have done this in the past, but my laziness and dislike of most gyms has resulted in me not going very often.  Since I have to be there now, I might as well workout!

So, What am I doing there?

Monday's:  Upper Body
Chin-ups (3 sets of 15) this is fantastic for swimming.
        Tri-ceps (free weights)
Abs (decline bench with 20pds 35 reps)
        Pull downs (machine)
        tricep (machine)
        Abs on pilates ball 
        Push Ups (leaving the ground at the top of push)
        Back raises w. 20pd. weight     
        Seated rows (machine)  
        Chin ups until failure

Tuesday: Lower Body
        Calf Raises
        Leaps over bench
        Abs (decline bench)
        Leg Press (machine)
        Calf press (machine)
       4 squares (leaping on toes folling 4 tiles on the floor, this hurts!)
        On bike, 6 reps of tension at max that I can turn over for 30 right pedal strokes.

Wednesday: Brick
On spinner
HIT session 10 times max effort for 30sec on 2:30 rest
        20 min. run off bike at high tempo building to sprint.

Thursday: Mix of stuff
         Chin-ups until failure
         Abs Decline bench
         Run 20min 5 hard efforts
         Squash until tired.

This has been fun.  Since I am getting paid to be there!

My general fitness has increased substantially.  It will be interesting to see if this transfers to triathlon.  I can already feel some improvement in my swimming.  I can pull a lot stronger.

That being said, I am exhausted a lot of the time.  Trying to maintain my normal training and doing this as well is tough.  The body is getting used to it, but it is taking some time.

Next week will be an off week from this training because we will be in FLA.  I will be training super hard, but only on normal tri related stuff.  Lots of biking running swimming.

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Go Syd Go! The gym has put me to a whole new level, I believe. My 10k outside was very promising!