Friday, November 2, 2007

Day before IMFLA

Dropped off the bike, and gear bags. Took a quick look at the swim transition. REady too go!

Still have 18 or 19 hours to wait though! It is weird to think that this time tomorrow I should be getting ready to finish the bike section of an Ironman! So long in coming, but it is finally here.

Just can't wait to get started. Too much thinking, and not enough doing. I'm sure there will be times tomorrow when I won't want to be doing!

Things are good. The calf is getting sorted out thanks to the help of some awesome message people down here. Should be ok race day. Other than that, just carbo loading and relaxing.

Will update on Sunday!


Paul said...

Syd, good luck tomorrow! I'll be cheering you on...line tomorrow. Go 407 Express!!

Saamah-J said...

Syd...good luck today. I know you will do great. We are all thinking of you back here in Durham. Hope everything goes well and that you are on FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Can't wait to hear from you IRONMAN 407!

Saamah-J said...

Syd.........I know that you will do great today!!! All the best...and I hope you are on FIRE FIRE FIRE....we are all thinking of you IRONMAN 407!!!

F & C said...

Hey Crazy, Westcott and I are thinking of you as you race today and sending you our crazy energy. We are tracking your process, good job on swimming like the fishy's. We'll continue to watch and cheer your progress!

Saamah-J said...

CONGRATULATIONS Syd a.k.a. IRONMAN 407 on completing your Ironman Race. You did a fantastic job and have made all of us proud. You my friend are on FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Yay Syd! Woo Hoo!! Congratulations once again on such a big accomplishment!