Sunday, February 4, 2007

160km on the trainer.

Well, for Xmas I got the Spinervals Hardcore 100. (I asked for it) Been slowly building up to the full 51/2 hrs it takes to finish it. Wholeheartedly ignoring "Coach Troy's" threat of letting the air out of my tires if I didn't do the full time.

The idea of spending 51/2 hrs on the trainer was daunting in itself. I know physically that I'm capable of it, but mentally that is a lot of time and energy spent on going nowhere in particular.

Now I am fully aware of the benefits of spending lots of time on the trainer in the winter, and have done so in the past, but I don't think I have gotten over 3 hrs. So it was with a bit of hesitation that I put that first DVD in this morning. Today, I was going to do the whole thing.

Anyone who has done a Spinervals DVD will know that they are an excellent training tool. The workouts are well designed and well delivered by "Coach Troy". This one is no exception.

I found that it was probably the easiest 51/2 hrs I have ever spent on a bike. Granted, I have only done a few rides as long or longer ever, but this didn't seem as much of slog as I thought it would be. I definitely feel like I have done something today. The sets are interesting enough that you don't get too bored but not so tough as to hurt you too badly (until the very end anyways).

I would recommend it as a good base building tool. He spends a lot of time focusing on cadence. You do this DVD a couple of times, and you will have little problems maintaining a 90plus cadence over the century distance. I will probably also be throwing this in a couple of times right before Ironman Florida, once the temps up here drop in October. It will be good since Florida is so flat!

Give this one a try sometime. I think you will be surprised.


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